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I am a writer living in the Southern Sierra region of California, U.S.A.

Saving Coyote

Painting by Susan Hill

Coyote is quite the character, and his novel is nearing completion. Here is a sneak preview:

A polio epidemic is sweeping California, and thirteen-year-old Sara is gravely ill. Her best friend, Lena, a Kawaiisu Indian girl, must find the great healer and get the medicine Sara and so many others need. But Yahwera refuses to help unless Lena saves the annoying and foolish trickster Coyote. To do this, both girls must travel back to the time when animals were people and learn what it truly means to save Coyote, before it’s too late for everyone.


After a spring without wildflowers due to the drought, and months of heat, dust, and smoke, it’s finally raining here in Coyote Canyon. The California quail are loving it, and so am I!